Summary of Stakeholder Feedback on N.O.R.C.’s

Ministry of Seniors’ Affairs Advisory:

Ontario Is Providing Support to Help Seniors Remain In Their Homes

May 4 – Toronto – On Friday, the government announced an investment of $8.8 million over two years to support naturally occurring retirement communities, which are apartment buildings or housing developments where many seniors already live close to one another.

The government’s plan to support naturally occurring retirement communities was developed in collaboration with our partners, including your organization. A summary of key themes from engagement sessions can be found in both English and French in the attached What we Heard document. Thank you for the valuable advice that you provided throughout this process, and for the work that you do on an ongoing basis to support the people of Ontario.

This new funding will provide better access to services, including culturally appropriate care, to meet seniors’ needs in a minimum of 44 communities. This commitment is part of Aging with Confidence: Ontario’s Action Plan for Seniors.

For more information, read about N.O.R.C.’s otherwise known as Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities