Events by OSSCO ©

Ontario’s Seniors Conference© & Networking Event

Annually, OSSCO© organizes and hosts its Ontario Senior’s Conference and Networking Event© with Exhibitor Hall for 55+.  It is usually held in late fall.

This 1-day event is Ontario’s only seniors specific conference without a registration fee. This learning event connects seniors and older adults to valuable information related to their health and well-being. It provides an opportunity to network with peers and connect with knowledge experts in the Exhibitor Hall.

This event provides attendees with two options:

-Register for the full 1-day conference and exhibitor hall,


-Exhibitor Hall linking attendees to information on services and programs of interest to 55+.

NOTE: Exhibitor Hall is open to the public or groups of seniors.


Specialty Educational Themed Events

Once a year, OSSCO© organizes and hosts symposiums, conferences, forums or café-style conversations around a specific topic such as elder abuse, positive aging, decision-making as we age, addressing social isolation and many others.

Some specialty learning events resulted in self-directed learning or promotional videos found on OSSCO©’s YouTube Channel. OSSCO fund raises to deliver these specialty educational themed events. These events normally are held mid-March. 

During Ontario Senior’s Month, OSSCO© organizes and hosts a variety of webinars to provide educational information and resources to help 55+ and seniors with solutions and understand how to make aging easier.


Annual General Meeting

OSSCO ensures that educational and recognition opportunities are provided at its’ Annual General Meeting (AGM) to individual seniors and leadership of seniors’ organizations.

AGM’s are normally held late summer. Knowledge experts give keynote address on topics relevant to the seniors’ community.

Graduates of OSSCO programs such as Job Seeking Strategies, Dan Benedict Award Recipients and Volunteers with contributions to an aging population are recognized.


Dan Benedict Memorial Award

OSSCO© recognizes the contributions to the seniors’ community with its Dan Benedict Memorial Award©.  This Award honors the legacy of former board member Dan Benedict, who was known for social justice and his fight against ageism. It celebrates the contributions that others have made to benefit the Ontario senior’s community. 

With this award OSSCO© acknowledges individuals and/or organizations that are finding solutions to make aging easier… for everyone©. 

There are 4 categories recognized by this award. They are:

Leadership:  Demonstrate leadership ability to advance awareness and understanding of issues affecting an aging population in their community 

Innovation: Develops transformative solutions or innovative approaches to remove barriers – systemic, racial, age, gender, cultural or economic – that prevent the full participation and engagement of senior citizens in their community or region

Community Mobilization: Effectively mobilizes the broader community including the active involvement of senior citizens to address issues of local concern 

Partnerships and Collaborations: Builds connections and effective partnerships with agencies, groups, and organizations to develop sustainable programs and services related to the well-being or improving the well-being of seniors in their region. 

Click here for a copy of the Dan Benedict Award application.