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Dan Benedict Award

This distinguished award honors the contributions of an individual or organization that benefit the seniors’ community. The Award marks the legacy of former board member Dan Benedict. With this award, OSSCO recognizes individuals and organizations that are working for social justice on seniors’ issues.

Award recipients help foster an environment in which a whole community can learn, collaborate, and participate in, regardless of age, culture, race and diversity.  Recipients demonstrate their contributions to enhancing the quality of life for Ontario seniors, enriching the lives of aging people. Specifically, the award recognizes 4 areas of achievement:

leadership – demonstrate leadership ability to advance awareness and understanding of issue affecting an aging population in the community 

innovation – develop innovative solutions or approaches to remove barriers – systemic, racial, age or cultural – that prevent the full participation and engagement of senior citizens in society

community mobilization – effectively mobilize the broader community including the active involvement of senior citizens to address issues of local concern

partnerships and collaboration – build connections and effective partnerships with agencies, groups, and organizations to develop sustainable programs and services related to well-being of seniors in society


Dan Benedict Memorial Award Recipients 2022

Join OSSCO© in congratulating these 3 non-profits and 1 collaborative for their efforts and work in social justice in the seniors’ sector.

Leadership:  Accessible Housing Network

A collaborative of more than 35 non-profit Canadian organizations, they initiated outreach to every level of government with a call to action: make universal design mandatory in every unit in all new multi-unit residential buildings, both rental and ownership by amending the Building Code within their jurisdiction – regardless of age.

Innovation: Caribbean Canadian Seniors Group

They transitioned from a traditional seniors’ centre to a supportive service model through affiliations and online program delivery. Community Strong joined up to deliver meals to seniors living alone. Tablets and computers were provided to those who did not them. More programs were offered and attended remotely by members than before the pandemic. Transportation was provided for seniors for COVID-19 vaccinations. The Group also opened its doors to facilitate vaccine clinics in their community.

Community Mobilization: The Good Companions Centre for Seniors

They effectively mobilized the broader community and actively involved senior citizens to address issues of local concern. They mobilized support for low-income and disadvantaged seniors. They took their W.O.W. program provincial, and integrated new volunteers into their centre’s outreach programs. They reduced social isolation for both the centre’s members and volunteers as well as raised awareness of gaps and opportunities in the seniors’ community.

Partnerships & Collaborations: The Centre for Spanish Speaking Seniors

This centre in north Toronto successfully created and cultivated partnerships and collaborations. They brought together the LGBTQ+ community, as well as inter-generational gatherings to increase those important connections. They work with seniors in the Downsview/Black Creek neighborhoods. They partnered with COSTI to deliver an Ethno-Cultural and Linguistically Based Support Services for People Living with Dementia (PLWD).They also piloted a caregiver educational and support group followed by engaging 5 ethno-cultural communities in the GTA to facilitate caregiver support.


Business Excellence Award: Age-Diverse Employer

This prestigious award celebrates Ontario employers for their outstanding recruitment and retention practices of older Ontarians. With this Award, OSSCO© recognizes businesses that are working for inclusion in the workforce for people 50+. It showcases businesses with best practices for a successful, multigenerational workforce by attracting, recruiting and retaining older Ontarians in the workplace.

This Age-Diverse Employer Award fosters an environment in which businesses lead, innovate, collaborate and embrace full participate in the workforce, regardless of age.  Award recipients demonstrate their contributions to enhancing the ability of Ontarians 50+ to find and keep employment opportunities regardless of age, gender, race or culture.

Recipients demonstrate initiative and leadership while addressing an aging population’s employment opportunities through their recruitment and retention practices.  These employers demonstrate commitment in transformational advancements or innovative engagement in recruitment and/or retention practices that allows for an age diverse workforce.

The Award Recipient(s) are selected based on one (1) of the following:

Leadership –advance awareness and understanding of issues affecting an aging population that are trying to find and keep employment, and, creates a culture for a multigenerational work space.

Innovation – develop innovative solutions to remove barriers that are systemic i.e age, gender, racial, cultural and implement bias-free practices that includes the full participation of people 50+ in their workplace.

Partnerships – build connections and effective partnerships with agencies, groups, and organizations in their community to develop sustainable initiatives for people 50 + to find and retain employment opportunities.


Business Excellence Award Winners 2022

The three (3) companies recognized with this inaugural award in 2022 are:

Advancement in Attracting Older Workers: Moveability Inc.

Engagement in Retention of Older Workers: Bazaar Marketing

Innovation in Recruiting Older Workers: Seniors for Seniors