Step Up to Elder Abuse

Step Up to Elder Abuse project was funded by New Horizons for Seniors Grant in 2019-2020. It created a learning program for older people 55+ and older people who are disabled and who may be at greater risk of harm, from any of the 7 types of elder abuse (physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, abandonment, neglect and self-neglect). Through OSSCO©©’s 2-hour workshop, seniors learn about the 7 types of abuse, how to identify inappropriate behaviours and reduce risk associated with elder abuse as a result of isolation, cognitive impairment, disability and frailty. The workshop educates seniors on the increased risks of harm associated with disabilities either physical or cognitive. Seniors also learn what to do when they experienced or witnessed situations.

The project had 3 specific components:

  1. Create and deliver educational workshops on taking steps to recognize 7 types of elder abuse and preventing them from happening. Workshops were to delivered at different community centres and senior groups across Toronto.
  2. Develop self-directed learning through 7 online learning videos. Each video focused on 1 type of elder abuse which are posted on OSSCO©©’s YouTube channel as an online learning resource.

3. Assembly/ Conference on identifying types of elder abuse and preventative responses, with distribution of a brochure/ information guide was cancelled due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

The educational brochure and the full report on this project with information and details on elder abuse awareness and prevention are on