Ontario Society of Senior Citizens Organizations Board of Director Vacancies

Ontario Society of Seniors Citizens’ Organizations (OSSCO©©©) is a provincial organization and a registered charity. Founded in 1987, as a network of organizations, we focus on the well-being of older adults through educational programs, consultations and influencing stakeholders. In addition OSSCO©©© participates in policy development, research, information/referral/ counseling, community outreach as well as programs specific to our network organizations and members’ needs. Our membership includes 140 + organizations and individuals representing nearly 400,000 senior citizens from across Ontario.

Our volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of interested individuals from across Ontario; some of whom represent member organizations. Our Board is a working board.

OSSCO©©© is inviting community members to join our board and make a difference to older Ontarians. While some Board Members are actively involved in planning, monitoring and evaluating or delivering services for older adults in Ontario, some board members are hands on in fundraising and educational program development activities. Clickour Invitation for Nominations for complete information and application form.

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