M.P. TJ Harvey’s Housing Accessibility E-Petition

Dear Stakeholder,

We need YOUR support for TJ Harvey’s motion on VisitABILITY (M-157).


PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE the E-PETITION link for M-157! SIGN PETITION HERE to help us reach our goal for a more ACCESSIBLE CANADA!

Visitable homes have three basic accessibility features:

  1. No step entrance – At minimum, there must be one accessible, no-step, level entrance at the front, back or side of the house with an accessible route to the driveway.
  2. Clear passageways – All doorways and halls must be wider (i.e., minimum of 38 inches) so there is clear passage throughout the main floor.
  3. Accessible bathroom – The bathroom on the main floor must be accessible by visitors who use mobility devices.

Visitable housing offers a convenient, age-friendly home for residents and a welcoming environment for visitors of all ages and abilities. Visitable housing benefits everyone – seniors, persons with a disability, parents, children and families.