Launch of Senior Friendly Care Toolkit

The Regional Geriatric Programs of Ontario (RGPO) recently launched the Senior Friendly Care (sfCare) Getting Started Toolkit.

According to the RGPO, the Framework’s guiding principles and defining statements collectively describe what senior friendly care looks like. It was developed in collaboration with provincial stakeholders, including older adults, caregivers, and care providers, provides a foundation for achieving the best possible outcomes for older adults.

The sfCare Getting Started Toolkit is intended to bring this foundational vision to life by providing actionable recommendations and practical resources. It includes:

  • An online self-assessment tool – to identify strengths and opportunities for the organization. The results will generate a report card, and the ability to compare results against a sector or all sectors.
  • Implementation resources – a curated package of tips and practical tools which can be used to inform action plans
  • Introduction to sfCare training modules – 5-minute videos for executives and staff with basic information such as what senior friendly care is, why it’s important, the needs of older adults, and what staff and executives can do to make a difference.