Diversify: Older Workers Add Value Symposium

Diversify: Older Workers Add Value Symposium

In March 2022, OSSCO©©© organized and hosted its first virtual Symposium. The Symposium promoted the benefits of age diverse workplaces and positive contributions of older workers to the labour market. The Symposium helped raise awareness of older adults being overlooked when attracting, recruiting and retaining employees in the workforce due to unconscious bias.

The Symposium targeted older people (50 – 70 years of age) and employers, bringing them together to listen to industry knowledge experts. The purpose was to enhance the business community’s awareness and understanding of the contributions that older people make in the workplace and the processes to find employment.

This learning event gave older people looking for work more knowledge on how to connect with businesses. It also presented information on Unconscious Bias and Beliefs, Recruitment Skills, Interview Preparation​ and Interview Questions.

OSSCO©©©’s Business Excellence for Age-Diversity Award recognized employers for best age-friendly business practices. This award was developed through consultation with past OSSCO©©© Job Search Strategies learners as well as 12 businesses.

The Age Diverse Employment Project Committee selected employers who could demonstrate commitment in transformational advancements or innovative engagement in attracting, recruitment and/or retention practices for an age diverse workplace.

The three (3) companies recognized with this inaugural award in 2022 are:

Advancement in Attracting Older Workers: Moveability Inc.

Engagement in Retention of Older Workers: Bazaar Marketing

Innovation in Recruiting Older Workers: Seniors for Seniors

The Symposium was a result of the New Horizons for Senior’s grant called “Showcasing Best Practices for an Age Friendly Labour Market”.  There were 44 volunteers involved in development of the standards for the award and project.