Alcohol Gaming & Commission Fees reduces Break Open Ticket revenues for Charities


Hospital foundations and volunteer auxiliaries, provincial health organizations, special needs services, mental health charities, seniors’ groups, services for children and families, youth sports organizations, service clubs, volunteer firefighters, newcomer organizations and many others depend on the funds raised from Break Open Tickets to provide services in our Ontario communities.

Each year, these organizations raise a total of almost $17 million in net revenues.  From that $17 million, they then have to pay $4.88 million to the Ontario Government in the form of the BOT Admin Fee leaving only $12 million for charities.

That $4.88 million is in addition to the $2.1 million that these organizations have already paid in licence fees to government bodies.  We want the Admin Fee money to go back to the sector to sustain this form of charitable fundraising.

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