Show A Little Heart Video Competition 2019

Heart to Home Meals sponsored a competition this year for students to submit videos showcasing their relationship with older people. In April 2019, 4 judge panelists, which included Elizabeth Macnab, Executive Director OSSCO©©©, reviewed the 5 finalists and selected the top 3 videos which fulfilled the competition’s criteria. The Show a Little Heart Video Competition 2019 left the judges with the difficult decision in selecting the top 3 videos. OSSCO©©© has agreed to be a judge panelist for next year’s competition.

Please join OSSCO©©© in congratulating the finalists and to acknowledge Heart to Home Meals in encouraging students to share their personal stories.  Here are the links to the top 3 video:

First place video:

Second place video:

Third place video:

Heart to Home Meals, which sponsors the competition, is currently updating its video competition website to reflect the 2019-2020 information. Once it’s ready, students can visit:  to review the competition criteria and upload their videos under the ‘submissions’ tab. OSSCO©©© will distribute the announcement when the competition is open to our member organizations. We encourage burgeoning student “videographers” from across Ontario to share their stories and personal experiences with older people.