Keys to Daily Living

ARP recently reported that 77% of seniors want to remain longer in their home. The website asked seniors: How do we provide supports in communities to make them as age-friendly as possible so that seniors can continue to contribute to society and have the best quality of life? OSSCO©’s project, Keys to Daily Living, creates a Toolkit to help seniors access the support – programs or services – they need to remain longer in the home. This project is funded by New Horizons for Seniors Grant.

Seniors in urban, rural and northern communities participate in feedback of what they need from maintaining a healthy life to dealing with end of life and how to find what they need.  They are also involved in the Seniors Advisory Committee.

This project, ending on March 24, 2023, fulfills OSSCO©’s mission of empowering seniors to be independent and live safely in their communities through knowledge and information. It continues to build on the work undertaken in the Roadmap for Decision-Making (  and Removing the Barriers to Active Aging consultations ( .