When Every Minute Counts – Maritime Search & Rescue

WHEN EVERY MINUTE COUNTS: Maritime Search and Rescue 

Canada’s maritime search and rescue workers save an average of 15 lives every day, they are the best of the best. 

Executive Summary
The Standing Senate Committee on Fisheries and Oceans (the committee) undertook its study on maritime search and rescue (SAR) because gaps had been identified over the past decade regarding coverage, capacity, prevention, and governance. However, it is important to first and foremost acknowledge the great work of Canada’s SAR personnel, both paid and volunteer. The committee heard that these individuals and teams are “the best of the best” and agrees with that assessment. Committee members would like to thank SAR personnel for their courage and dedication to the cause of search and rescue in Canada.

Through a literature review, public hearings, briefs, and national and international site visits, the committee learned many things about maritime SAR in Canada and how it compares to maritime SAR abroad. Although the report discusses several themes, a few stood out to members of the Committee.

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