What General Motors Announcement Means for Older Workers

The news of General Motors (GM) not bringing in new product to the Oshawa plant after December 2019 took Ontarians by surprise. This corporate decision directly affects 2,500 hourly and 300 salaried people, and up to 25,000 people supported by the GM workforce. As a charity with grass roots members including labour groups such as Unifor, we promise to ask our membership base to raise support so these jobs do not leave, but are adapted to market realities.

Since starting as Executive Director in 2013, OSSCO budget submissions have repeatedly asked both federal and provincial government to create a stable economic climate. We remind governments of the vulnerability of job loss on an older worker as well as the benefits in fostering innovation and job creation to governments’ tax base.

OSSCO is available to work with the all levels of government in meeting the needs of older people, especially those affected by GM’s decision. Older people are most vulnerable to the influences of government policies and initiatives on employment. We already identified for Minister Filomena Tassi about the cancellation of the federal Targeted Initiative for Older Workers and how OSSCO is using funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to help older unemployed workers in the communities of Durham Region, Brampton, Markham and Toronto to develop resilience during the job search process as well as self-sufficiency after government program funding is cancelled. As Ontarians adjust and move forward after this week’s GM announcement, we look forward to sharing our feedback on the impact of this project to help shape the future directions of employment and older persons with our members, stakeholders and policy makers.

To read the full message from Elizabeth Macnab, Executive Director of OSSCO, please click here.