First Anniversary Seniors Fitness Program on Zoom


First Anniversary Seniors Fitness Program on Zoom

Pandemic has provided an opportunity to keep seniors engaged and active through Zoom. Seniors Forum started one year ago Fitness Programs including Yoga 5 times a week an hourly session. Qualified physiotherapists and Yoga instructors conduct sessions. These programs were well attended not only by people living in Canada but also from abroad. It was a great idea to reduce social isolation also. The majority of participants found improvement in their flexibility, mobility, and balance and continued to attend

Seniors Forum Canada

An independent and self-supported initiative by Seniors for Seniors to improve their quality of life, reduce social isolation and help them inactive aging through education, fitness, and social programs


to create an energizing platform for senior across diverse ethnic backgrounds to engage in learning, socialize, and to contribute to all communities.”


“Make a positive impact on the Canadian Senior’ quality of life and lifestyle.”


“Learning” and “Socializing.”


1-Learning sessions (1-2 sessions PM)

Providing educational sessions on topics related to health, social, phycological & cultural issues

2-Fitness Sessions (5 times a week inclusive Yoga)

Improving balance, mobility, flexibility, mind-body synchronizing, and building strength

3-Personnel Consultation with Physiotherapist

Resolving flexibility, mobility, and balance issues.

4- Sisters Circle

Providing a platform to seniors women to have their dedicated learning, socializing, and having active aging activities

5- Socialization (outside COVID adhered)


Steering Committee (SC)

• Steering Committee (SC) consists of members from diverse gender and ethnic backgrounds.

Program Coordinators

• Seniors Forum initiatives/programs will be managed by the Program Program Coordinator reporting to the Steering Committee (SC)

Seniors Forum Canada is open to all communities and FREE. It’s a nonpolitical or religious initiative