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A Self-directed learning program:  Ipad technology

After consulting with more than 544 seniors, OSSCO developed this self-directed learning program on Ipad technology for both individual users as well as trainers who work with seniors.

If you are a senior who is starting to use your Ipad, click Appendix I for initial set up.  These are instructions to help you set up your Ipad and get it ready to use.  Click Ipad Quick reference to help you with the tips to use the Ipad and get comfortable using it right away. It’s a quick reference sheet on key processes that you will use. If you are a trainer who wants to offer Ipad training to seniors who are members of a seniors club, an elderly persons centre or activities coordinator in a retirement home, the Ipad Introduction – Instructor Guide will provide you with information to instruct an older person using Ipad technology. The Ipad Introduction Course Content gives the trainer an overview of what is covered in the Instructor Guide.