Enhancing Economic Opportunities Program for Older Unemployed Workers

Are you between the ages of 50 – 70? Are you unemployed and looking for work?


What is the Enhancing Economic Opportunities Program?

Ontario Society of Senior Citizens’ Organizations (OSSCO) developed a toolkit program for unemployed people 50+ including newcomers and immigrants.

Our Job Search and Employment Networking Group (ENG) Toolkits can help you. Experience our integrated educational 2-part toolkit program for the best opportunities to find employment.



Part 1 is a 2-day Job Search Toolkit. It shows you how to redefine job prospects. Discover how today’s job market has changed for people
Part 2 is an Employment Networking Group (ENG) Toolkit. It consists of 4 sessions
reconnecting you to those important social and business networks.
We recommend participating in both toolkits to get the most out of this program.

After completing each toolkit our professional staff follow-up to help you overcome challenges in your job search.

Employment Networking Group (ENG) Toolkit

Over 4-guided sessions, you develop valuable meeting management skills. ENG participants also learn volunteer leadership and how to effectively sustain an ENG in your community. You practice networking skills, perfect your “elevator speech”, share personal or job goals and strategize to overcome challenges.

Topics at ENG meetings include: “How do you organize your job search?”, or “What has worked to get connected to a hiring manager?” or “What barriers do we need to overcome?”

Guest speakers are invited to talk about different aspects of the job search process. You have an opportunity to
apply information from these knowledge experts.
Participate in the various roles that make each ENG meeting a success! Each ENG meeting strengthens your employment and social network.

Job Search Toolkit

This 2-day Job Search Toolkit provides lectures and interactive styles in its 5 modules.

Educational concepts include:

  • Net giving, a networking alternative Know yourself, know your brand
  • Speaking the recruiter language. Who reads my resume?
  • Finding your job niche
  • Tackling the barriers of ageism
  • Considering a career transition
  • And more!

Our Job Search Toolkit gives you opportunities to contribute through activities and planned exercises.

This toolkit helps transform how you approach the job search process. Your assignments give you a practical roadmap to find where you want to be now and what the right job fit is for you.

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These Programs are funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation