Computer Training


Computers for Beginners – WEDNESDAY MORNINGS 10am – 12pm

Interested in learning how to use a computer? Get ready to learn in these 6-week programs. Laptops with Windows 10 will be provided in a comfortable classroom setting. No previous computer experience is required. There is maximum of 6 participants in each program. Registration is required.

Creative Computers (Intermediate Level 1) – WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON 1pm – 3pm 

Ready to expand your computer knowledge? Continue to learn about the importance of Microsoft word, discover FaceBook, findi topics or ads on the internet, learn to make cards, invitations or posters, create a personal photo album and much more! Participants must have basic computer skills and knowledge. There is maximum of 6 participants in each program. Registration is required.

Cellphone, Tablets and Computer security (Intermediate 2) – THURSDAY MORNING 11am – 12pm

We learned that seniors want to use technology to stay connected, to read magazines or emails, for sharing photos (and ideas), to listen to music, find recipes, discount coupons and much more. We know that using today’s technology such as tablets, cell phones and laptops can help reduce the risk of social isolation, no matter what happens in our lives. This course takes your knowledge of laptops and towers to the next level. Bring your tablet and cell phone in this practical application course. Learn about the importance of security and safety systems. Registration is required.


To register call us at 416-785-8570 or email us at programs@ossco.org

Courses are taught at our Toronto office at 345 Wilson Ave. Apt 404