About Us

Ontario Society of Senior Citizens Organizations / La Société des Organisations des CitoyensAînés de l’Ontario (OSSCO) is a provincial organization and a registered charity. Our tag line “Seniors transforming Ontario through wisdom, insight and experience” expresses our mission and membership.

Founded in 1986, our mission is to improve the quality of life for Ontario’s seniors through educational programs, research, public awareness, information, referral, counseling, community outreach and support, self-help and volunteer programs.

Our membership includes over 140 seniors’ organizations and individuals representing 500,000 senior citizens from across Ontario. OSSCO is community-based. Our members include individual seniors – networks, alliances and groups – as well organizations representing seniors and who provide services and support to Ontario’s diverse and multicultural seniors community.

OSSCO’s programs include: Educational Programs, Community Outreach and Support, Self-help Services, Volunteer Programs, Public Policy Awareness, Research and a toll free telephone line for information, referral, counseling and mediated access: 1-800-265-0779.
If you need further information or assistance please email us here.